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Youtube videos showing the work of some of my favourite artists:

Egon Schiele.... the raw energy of his line drawing, his apparent conflict between passion and contempt for the human form and by extention for life itself. CLICK TO VIEW

Gustav Klimt. .... the way he combined the highly ornate with the simple yet powerful fluid line of the human form, the way he focused on hands and faces to express everything, leaving much of the remainder of the body undefined, submerged in colours and shapes, yet easily readable. CLICK TO VIEW

Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema. ...the richness of his colours, how he made white marble glow, how he created brilliantly lit interiors by the intense contrast of his darks and lights. CLICK TO VIEW

Youtube videos of some of my current favourite contemporary artists:
Banksy. ...the greatest graffiti artist of all time I reckon. actually one of the greatest artists, period. His street art reflects the feelings of millions- its hilarious, poignant, cynical and always spot on. As a form of social commentary it's second to none. CLICK TO VIEW


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